Retro ThinkPad upgrade project


Ever since ive used my first ThinkPad, ive been impressed with the modular design, upgradability, and expansion slots. Only until a few years ago I didnt know IBM made ThinkPads until Lenovo bought the series out from IBM. My uncle worked for IBM back in his days, but I always wanted a retro ThinkPad, already having my modern ThinkPad W520.


Now having a ThinkPad R30, with 256MB RAM, a slow HDD, and a dead CMOS, and a dated wifi card, Its time we do some upgrades to make this the best retro ThinkPad I could own. Stay tuned for updates.


I’m Matt, I’m into Opsec, Linux, Networking, and much more. I’ve done loads of project’s over the year’s, and am glad to FINALLY have a blog after such a long time. The project should resume within a few month’s as I’m working on a few different things currently.
That’s all for now! - Matt.